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Cray Welcomes Seagate’s ClustorStor Customers and Partners

Peter Ungaro,
President and CEO,
Cray Inc.

Pete Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray shares a few words about the recent ClusterStor announcement:

As you may have seen in our recent press release, Cray has entered into an agreement with Seagate to transition Seagate’s ClusterStor high-performance storage business to Cray.

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service questions,
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This transaction is a very exciting opportunity for Cray to offer a more complete solution to customers and resellers, and to strengthen our strategic position for growth into the future! Cray will take over and continue to sell, support and enhance the ClusterStor product line and to support customers going forward as well as to collaborate with Seagate to integrate future Seagate technologies into our storage products.

With this in mind, I want to address end-users of ClusterStor and Sonexion, and all resellers to emphasize that we will absolutely continue to advance and support ClusterStor products going forward. As part of the strategic partnership, Cray will be taking over continued development, support, manufacturing, and sales of these ClusterStor products, including Cray’s Sonexion Scale-out Lustre Storage System based on ClusterStor.

Cray is committed to providing responsive service, and sales which extends to ClusterStor customers. Cray and Seagate will be reaching out to customers, partners and resellers to provide details, and answer any question regarding the transition.

Ken Claffey, vice president and general manager, Storage Systems Group at Seagate said it best, this really is the perfect evolution of a special partnership in HPC. We look forward to continuing our relationships and strengthening our strategic positioning for growth into the future.

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