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Introducing Cray® ClusterStor™ storage systems. Cray’s portfolio of HPC storage solutions just got even better!

As a leader in open systems and parallel file systems, and co-founder and benefactor of OpenSFS, Cray builds on community-driven Lustre® to unlock the performance of popular x86 Linux® compute clusters and supercomputers using Cray’s proven HPC storage system architectures.

ClusterStor™ Storage Systems

ClusterStor storage systems are known for the ability to balance the value equation achieving the right performance, speed, scalability, data protection and availability, all within the right budget.

The ClusterStor family architecture is built on robust enterprise-class storage designs enabling customers to choose the best-fit parallel file solutions for their workflows.

Cray reliably delivers the highest performance in the most demanding, data-intensive supercomputing, HPC and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) environments.

Cray ClusterStor

Cray® Sonexion® Scale-out Lustre Storage System

The Cray Sonexion 3000 scale-out Lustre system provides the cornerstone of Cray’s end-to-end storage solutions, performance engineered and supported by Cray to reduce TCO, scale efficiently and optimize performance at scale.

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Cray DataWarp™

The Cray® XC™ series DataWarp applications I/O accelerator technology delivers a balanced and cohesive system architecture from compute to storage.

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