The Power of 512 Terabytes of Shared Memory

AlyssaWhat gives YarcData’s Urika® graph analytics appliance its incomparable processing power? It comes down to our 512 terabyte shared memory, which allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your entire data reserves in real time, with no need to partition your data.

“512 terabytes” is such a large number that it often boggles the mind. A single terabyte equates to a trillion bytes or a thousand gigabytes.

Even a powerful personal computer, such as a MacBook Pro, is capable of storing only 750 gigabytes, so you would need more than 680 MacBook Pros to equal the processing power of one Urika appliance.

Here’s an idea of what you can hold within a 512 terabyte shared memory:

  • 7 times more books than the entire catalogue of 22,765,967 books contained in the Library of Congress
  • A music library of 178,957,971 four-minute songs—enough music to entertain you nonstop for more than 1,365 years!
  • 177,777,777 copies of the 1,440-page classic, War and Peace
  • Approximately 160,000 copies of the entire human genome
  • 48 seconds of the entire Internet

So what can that kind of processing power deliver for your organization? It means that you can instantly access all of your enterprise’s Big Data resources at once, searching for connections between items from any of your various data sources.

In contrast to traditional analytical tools, you can do far more than simply submit queries and answer questions—the power of Urika appliance’s 512 terabyte shared memory enables your organization to perform true real-time data discovery.

That means that you can use the Urika appliance to find unknown connections between items, paving the way for innovation: For instance, a biotech company could use the appliance to help find links between ways a particular drug can be used to develop new treatment options; an intelligence agency can use the Urika appliance to identify connections between people who may be involved in a terrorism plot. The possibilities of what an Urika appliance can unearth for your organization’s benefit are virtually limitless.

What can you do with 512 terabytes of data?

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